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Share your personal website/blog :) (Read post #1 first!)

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We realised that we didn't have a place where people could share links to their personal (not GPT related) websites and blogs.  So this thread will give you the opportunity to do so without spamming :)   So feel free to share your links here... but please read the following rules first:

1.  Only post links to sites you yourself own/admin.
2.  NO GPT -related sites (those can be posted in Share-a-link) or sites that give financial benefits for visitors.
3.  Your site should not have any pop-ups.
4.  Your site should be in accordance with the forum rules (No adult material, foul language etc...)

So who's first? :)

Go on then i'll go first :) (taken from the index page)

ThatFreebie is a Global friendly forum, We have Freebies, Contests, Competitions, Survey, Discount codes and much more. If you just want to relax then visit the Lounge area for games and chat or perhaps the Arcade to play the free games.

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well I only have one site not related to GPT, its www.Email-Divertido.com


Can I post this here?

http://lip.colors.at   Avon for those in the states. Free shipping with $35.00 purchase.


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