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Anyone else get spam from Skrill (Moneybookers) ?


When I signed up at Moneybookers long ago I thought they were a pretty professional company. My transactions & withdrawals went well.

Then they banned PTR, HYIPs etc, so looked like they were trying to remain legit.
I withdrew all my money there since I couldn't use it for GPT anymore.

Then they changed their name to Skrill, -- not so professional, imho.

Recently I've been getting spam from Casinos to the email I use only for my payment processors, and this spam addresses me by the form of my (real) name I used only at Moneybookers  :hmm2:

So I went looking around and found this ....
and this...

Quote>>>>Skrill (Moneybookers) sold my email address, or got it stolen
Hello everyone,

I just wanted to warn you about an email I just received. I signed up with Skrill (moneybookers) less than a month ago. I used a special email address, using my personal domain name and a unique email identifier.

Also, during registration I misspelled my last name, and never bothered to contact them about it, at least not yet. That's important for the rest of this post.

Half an ago, I received a Spam, specifically a Casino spam that tells me I can play poker and start with a coupon that will give me free dollars if I sign up. All links included in the email are uniquely coded (as most spammers do) to reveal my email address if I click on them. There is also a report spam link at the bottom, that links to the exact same address, to reveal my email address.

It's a pretty colorful casino spam email, with a beautiful girl, and some "download now" buttons.

The email title was "?Hi there Harzem <my misspelled lastname>. You have won a Free $21 Chip! ?", and of course sent to my unique Skrill email address. No way on earth they will guess my misspelling and my email address correctly in a single email.

So, just for heads up. If you are interested in getting more spam, you can always sign up with skrill!
Guess I'm not alone.  ::)
Anyone else here had this experience ?  :-.


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