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I am looking some good sites to advertise in, none that are too heavy with tier 3 & 4 and are very reasonably price  by buying online or as redemption, I also personally find it important for the owner to react quickly to approve the ads very quickly.

If you could really help out with letting me know what might be an average amount of daily hits, the tier info and what other stuff might be expected, I would greatly appreciate your time and help!

I use DreamMails as a good place to advertise my PTP links.
Usually I get about 35-40 valid hits a day, which is nearly always 85% or more valid, although I don't have the same ads running at loads of places.

I was trying to attach a screenshot but it doesn't seem to work, so here are my OldAmsterdamPost upgraded PTP stats for 30th November at DreamMails:

US: 6
Canada: 2
UK: 1
Australia: 1
Tier 2: 13
Tier 3/4: 15
Other: 2

Total hits: 41
Valid hits: 40
Valid %: 97.56
Earnings: 1.18 cents (link pays up to 60 cents CPM)

Heather's a very good site owner and ads are processed nearly every day.

The ad I bought is this one:
and I believe there's a sale on till the end of the year and the 15% off is included in the price shown.

Below I shown results for DonkeyMails 0.02c link on

I see there is many tier 3 and 4 hits, but also some tier 1 and 2 and maybe soon will be more :crazy_one:

Tier   Total Hits   Valid Hits   Valid %   Earnings
Credits Default   17   9   52.94%   0.45 credit(s)
Tier 2   6   6   100.00%   3.6 credit(s)
Tier 3   59   47   79.66%   16.45 credit(s)
Tier 4   21   15   71.43%   2.25 credit(s)
Canada   2   1   50.00%   0.8 credit(s)
Spain   1   0   0.00%   0 credit(s)
Total:   106   78   73.58%   23.55 credit(s)

If you are interested send me PM pls


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