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5,000 credits for $0.20 on


5,000 credits for $0.20 on

$0.0001 exposure cost 2 credits
$0.0002 exposure cost 4 credits
$0.0003 exposure cost 5 credits
$0.0005 exposure cost 7 credits
$0.0010 exposure cost 10 credits
$0.0020 exposure cost 20 credits
$0.0050 exposure cost 50 credits
$0.0100 exposure cost 100 credits
$0.0200 exposure cost 200 credits

donkeymails and no-minimum ptp approved - country targeting available

tested using - results: ordered 200 clicks got 214 clicks :) probably because new users try access ads using bookmarked links, but they will be not credited, also one ad is allowed to view at once + semi-adfocus what means if user go to another page your ad will last 7-8x longer eg. if you have ad for 5sec. you'll get 35-40 sec. exposure. Probably user will wach your ad for 5sec. and see your ad in full time.

Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, PayPal, OkPay, Payeer buyers pls send me PM or ask to send PM to you
I can also accept payza, stp, but you have to pay fees.

I can create account for you for stats- let me know your prefered username.

Good Luck with your ad results!

Cheers, Lukasz


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